Who are we?

We are a team of staff (Ezra Davis|Student Minister), volunteer adult coaches, and teenagers who want to spread the love of Jesus Christ to other teens and families through learning, fun, fellowship, and, of course–food!  Student ministry is for any teen in grades 7 – 12.

What do we do?

We love Jesus…A LOT!  Also, we are learning to love others as Jesus would.  That includes serving others and learning about God’s word.  As teens from busy families in a busy culture with immediate connectivity to others through the internet, we often face challenges and pressures and choices that previous generations did not have to face.  Using God’s word, we learn how to apply the Bible to our daily lives and deal with others who are not always loving.  We build community with each other, and we try to keep reaching out and pressing into our community and growing deeper in Christ!

THE PEAK:  Sunday Mornings

Student ministry offers students two opportunities on Sunday mornings: 9:00 am and 10:45 am.

The 9:00 am service is a chance for students to serve in others areas of the church.  Student Minister Ezra Davis will help teens get plugged into serving areas that might include the tech team, worship team, children’s ministry, or the greeter’s team.

At 10:45 am,  we offer a worship service for students that includes a student-led worship time as well as a lesson that follows.  Please join us in the 2nd-floor student ministry area for this weekly service!

Sunday Evenings  6:00pm – 8:00pm

Sunday nights are centered around community and deepening biblical understanding.  Each night launches with game time and then transitions into worship, and finally small groups for each grade level.



Other Upcoming Events:

Small Groups

When: Sunday Evenings

Time: 6-8pm

Who: Grades 7th-12th

Details: On these nights there are three key things that the students will be doing. Starting at 6:00PM the students will go into a game-time where they will play a different game every week, after that the students will go into a time of worship, and then after that, they will all head into their small groups. There is a small group for each grade so every student will be in a group with other students their age!


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Ezra Davis|Student Minister


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