For more information or to sign up to help with any of the following Mission Opportunities, please email info@valleymillscc.org or contact the church office at 317-856-3766.


Shepherd’s Gate Inn / REST Ministries – A Christian retreat facility in Martinsville. Help is needed with their lawn & grounds maintenance – can serve on a rotation or one-time occurrence.  Find more info. about this facility at http://rest-ministries.org/

Valley Mills Christian Church Food Pantry (available each Friday 9am-Noon to the community) – Donations of non-perishable food items can be donated anytime in the basket outside of the Receptionist Office.

Area Assisted Living Communities – Worthington Place in Camby, Genesis Healthcare at the Decatur Township Center and Meadow Lakes in Mooresville. VMCC holds a Sunday service currently at Worthington Place in Camby. Other needs at these facilities: visitation, playing games, Bible reading, care packages, special collections throughout the year, participating in the Sunday services.

Open Arms Ministries – Open Arms Ministries operates a home for troubled youth, supports foster families and adoption, and operates an Adult Basic Education School located in Lyons, IN and and Switz City, IN.  Find more information by visiting their website at https://www.openarmschristian.com/

Homeless Outreach – Contact Beckie Nowlin who is involved with “Meet Me Under the Bridge” and Mike Poole who is involved with serving our Homeless with donations/meals. Opportunities include going out and serving the homeless and donating items needed.


Disaster Relief (DART Team — Disaster Assistance Response Team) – VMCC’s Emergency Response Team helps in areas regionally and nationally after a disaster. Help is needed with clean up efforts, donation of needed items (water bottles, supplies, etc.), funding donations to help stock the DART trailer, etc.

Crossroads Missions – A Christian organization that organizes mission trips locally and internationally. We’ve partnered with them in the past with local and regional clean up efforts. Find more information by visiting their website at http://crossroadsmissions.com/

Kenya Missions – Liberty Visions Learning Center — Chipo Makaya, Director — This Christ-centered school in Nairobi, Kenya provides free education to students in grades 1-7.  Find more information about Liberty Visions Learning Center by CLICKING HERE

Liberia Missions – We are partnering with Valley Mills’ member Jay Sorsor who is organizing relief efforts with donations to several organizations in this area including New Life Chapel, Elwood Orphanage, and My Brother’s Keeper Orphanage.


Sunday Morning Greeters — Sunday Morning Greeters provide a warm welcome to our church family and those guests visiting us each Sunday morning, assist with questions and direct new families.  Can serve on a monthly rotation schedule. See Casey Harvey or contact the church office at info@valleymillscc.org or call 317-856-3766.

Weekday Receptionist – Provide phone support, greeting and other duties to assist the staff Monday – Thursday from 9am – Noon. Can serve on a monthly rotation schedule.  See Marlena Jordan or contact the church office at info@valleymillscc.org or call 317-856-3766.

Sunday Morning Parking Lot Team – Provide parking and assistance to those who may need additional help on Sunday mornings.  Can serve on a monthly rotation schedule.   Contact the church office at info@valleymillscc.org or call 317-856-3766.