Valley Kids Children’s Ministry
Sunday Morning Valley Kids Classes 

Safety and Security


All children in grade 6 and below must check in and out of their areas on Sundays. Please have your family ID available at pick up.
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Parent Paging

Your Family ID will be displayed in the worship center if your child needs you.

What does a Sunday morning visit look like at Valley Kids?

Classes for all children Birth through 6th Grade are held at 10:00 AM.   

Valley Kids gather together with other kids their age to explore what the Bible says through games, crafts, and other activities.  Each week we give families a take home paper so they can continue the discussion and reinforce what their kids are learning at home.

**Need help locating the Valley Kids area?** For assistance, ask any of our Check In people at the front doors to show where the Valley Kids Check-In Area is.

Valley Kids Littles (Birth-Kindergarten): 


  • Serves infants from birth up to age two. 
  • Diapering and bottle feeding are provided; parents must provide diapers, wipes, and formula/breast milk.   Please make sure they are clearly labeled before you come.  You will be given a tag at check in to put on your diaper bag with your child’s name, your name, and a number so that you can be paged if your baby needs you.
  • A private Nursing Mother Room is available at the front part of our nursery as well.

 Two’s & Three’s Class 

  • Serves children who are two and three years old.   
  • Children are able to enter this classroom upon their 2nd birthday.  We do not require that they be toilet trained, but we are not able to offer diapering in this class.  If there is a diapering need, the parents will be paged to assist in this area.   
  • Children remain in this class until they reach their 4th birthday.   
  • We ask parents to please take their children to the restroom prior to class beginning to minimize the need to take restroom breaks during class.   

 Four through Kindergarten Class  

  • Serves ages 4 through Kindergarten who have not entered first grade.   
  • We ask parents to please take their children to the restroom prior to class beginning to minimize the need to take restroom breaks during class.   

Valley Kids (1st-6th Grade) 

Kid Zone (1-6th grade)

  • Children 1st-6th grade will enjoy games, small groups to connect with others their own age, worship, Bible Lesson, and then another round of small groups to unpack what they learned about the Bible in age appropriate activities.

Interested in learning more about other Valley Kids Events?

We have lots of events for children and families through out the year. Some of our highlights are Summer Camps, Easter Jam, Jingle Jam, Family Experiences, SuperStart!, and so much more. Check out our upcoming events by CLICKING HERE!

What is Preteen Ministry?

We believe that Preteens (4th-6th Grade) are ready for so much more and so we have a unique ministry called The Bridge just for them on Sunday Nights from 6:00-8:00 PM.

The Bridge exists to Connect Preteens to Christ, Show Love to God and Others, and to prepare them to Serve the world around them. Preteens enjoy special trips, conferences, and enjoy lessons that are built just for their age group.

Interested in serving on the Valley Kids Team?

Have you ever thought about serving in Valley Kids but unsure of where you may best fit?
Set up a date to take a Volun-Tour!  Children’s Minister Tanya Henthorn will give you a walk through Valley Kids on a Sunday morning to see all of the different volunteer roles available.  She will share with you our current needs and future goals to see if God is leading you to be a part of the Valley Kids Team. Contact Tanya Henthorn anytime at to discuss or set up your Volun-Tour!


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