Serving & Being the Church

 Jesus expects us to “GO’ and “GROW”

We have worked diligently to build a pathway for these opportunities at Valley Mills Christian Church.

Joe McNeil, Spiritual Growth Coordinator –Joe manages the spiritual gifts assessment process, including personal navigation to help you make the most of the gifts God has granted to you or is “growing” for you and coordinates the linkage of servants to ministries. You can contact Joe via email at joemcneil@valleymillscc.org

Do you know your spiritual gifts?


Click Here to take a free spiritual gifts assessment.  


Looking for ways to deepen your relationship through serving God and others? We would love the opportunity to speak with you to match your passions and skills with one of our ministry programs. There are a number of ways you can get involved at Valley Mills Christian Church.

It is easy to start the process by doing any of the following:

  • Complete the free spiritual gifts assessment using the link above
  • Mark your Connection Card on Sunday morning
  • Email us directly at info@valleymillscc.org with the key word “involvement”, or call us at 317-856-3766

Valley Mills Christian Church Ministry Programs

All ministries of Valley Mills Christian Church must align with our constitutional purpose:

1) To fulfill its mission in the world as we find it ordained in the sacred constitution of the Bible New Testament. (Seeking/Worship)

2) To preach the Gospel of salvation to the world, so Jesus may draw all men unto Him, even as He said, to receive into its peculiar fellowship Christian converts of this Gospel. (Learning/Teaching)

3) To exalt Christ so members may be changed into His image. (Influencing/Serving, Caring)

4) To promote and support spiritual growth of the congregation. (Learning/Teaching)

5) To promote and support missionary and benevolent works. (Investing (Outreach)