The following procedures are utilized for secure check-in and check-out for every child attending Valley Kids programming.   For safety purposes, only authorized volunteers and children who have been checked in via our electronic system are permitted in the Valley Kids areas.

Check-In (children may check-in 10 minutes prior to the start of Sunday morning services)

  1. Enter Kid Zone foyer area and check-in your child (children) using one of the remote electronic check-in stations.  A check-in volunteer is available to assist you if needed.
  2. Two name tags will print that have the child’s  name and family ID number on each name tag.
  3. Please attach one name tag to the child’s clothing (chest or back), and escort your child to his/her assigned classroom.
  4. Parent/guardian will exit the Valley Kids area with the other name tag (please secure this copy of the tag, as it will be needed to check your child/children out of Valley Kids).

**Please note that parents are not allowed to remain in the classroom with their children unless they are an assigned Valley Kids volunteer for that week.  We adhere to very strict safety protocols, and all Valley Kids volunteers must undergo a background check before they are authorized to volunteer in this area.  

Check-Out (please check your children out within 10 minutes of the conclusion of Sunday morning services)

  1. Parent/guardian will present their copy of the child’s name tag to the classroom teacher at the conclusion of the service.  We ask that parents please wait in the hallway and allow the teacher to release the children to you.
  2. A Valley Kids worker will call for your child.
  3. A Valley Kids worker will match the parent/guardian name tag to the child’s name tag.
  4. Your child will be released to you and free to go.

Bringing A Guest

If you are bringing a guest,  we request that you fill out a registration form for that child.  This will give us information for future communication with the parents of the child.  A check-in volunteer is available to assist.